In Beautiful Bruges we are used to living with and talking about the past. This project, however, concerns the future. All of us want to look into the future, shape it ourselves. And yes, we are convinced the city’s heritage is a treasure trove of and for the future.
So what are the future options for St Godelieve’s Abbey? This wonderful monumental site, with its impressive gardens, needs and offers the benefits of a coherent story. You will want every activity hosted here to be based on the same central idea. One thing is clear – the abbey will be a place for creative people to work.
Two heads are better than one – a large group of people generate more (and sometimes better) ideas than a small group. The abbey needs your participation and your ideas. We want to write the new chapters of this story with you. With this in mind, you will have the chance to come and experience the abbey for yourself. Do you want to share your vision, dreams or concerns? Contact us now!


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