Who or what is Brugge Foundation? What do we do? How does Brugge Foundation help to build a liveable, lively and vibrant future?

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Brugge Foundation's star diamond is Beautiful Bruges itself. Discover what we are doing today and what we aim for.

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A house is built brick by brick; we are building our dreams person by person. By joining, you are the key to our success and the cornerstone of our common lively, liveable, vibrant heritage.

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We are just as delighted to receive your donation by regular bank transfer. All donations are welcome into our account BE59 5230 8078 6426 with Triodos Bank (BIC TRIOBEBB). If you want your gift to be elegible for tax-deduction gift in Belgium, please use reference +++016/1780/00005+++ for all your gifts into the Friends of Bruges Foundation's account BE10 0000 0000 0404 (BIC BPOTBEB1) with the King Baudouin Foundation. They will provide you with a 45% tax cut slip for your gifts exceeding €40 a year.

Contact us if you do not reside in Belgium. Tax rules may differ for you.